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Reese Hitch Light Punches Darkness’s Lights Out

Dark, get thee to the tower!

Game of Thrones just ended. Not that I’ve seen any episodes, but it’s everywhere you look. So I’m trying to connect light towers to some pithy line.

It’s not working.

So, I’m going to just tell you about this light.

Really, lights. Plural.

And a dizzying variety of them, from $525 or so right through the roof to $3,100 and from 6,000 lumens to 64,000. Plus, they’re customizable.

For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t before seeing this), tower lights powered and supported by your truck exist.


The Reese Hitch Lights mount in your receiver hitch and you plug them into your truck, making them mobile, of course, but also eliminating the need for a generator.

Reese (which is also part of a company called ConstructionCam) has solar-powered units and what I think is the handiest thing in all of this—besides the ability to shed light on a dark jobsite—the light calculator. Plugin the variables and it’ll spit out the light it thinks you need.

If you race deadlines or otherwise want to keep working in winter when it gets dark one minute after lunch, give this a look.

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