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Live View Surveillance / Safety Lighting / Solar-Powered

Made by Americans for Amercians.

To us, "Made in the USA" is a promise of quality and reliability. We take pride in knowing that our products are responsible for the operations and safety of our troops.

ConstructionCAM Solar-Powered Security Camera and Light Trailer

Camera & Light Trailers

Protect Your Troops, Assets & Supply Lines

Whether your installation is temporary or permanent, you can control base access, monitor activity, and illuminate large areas with one comprehensive security package.

Protect. Detect. Move Out.

Protect Your Troops

Rapidly deploy an effective lighting and monitoring system. The telescoping mast and cameras offer a comprehensive 360° view with powerful LED lights to control access, enforce protocol and identify threats.

Record & Monitor

Monitor base activity from anywhere using a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Easily access and archive footage, get live alerts for motion detection, and make real-time calibrations to your trailer remotely.

Reduce Hazards

Establish and maintain optimum visibility at all times. Position your cameras and lights to monitor key areas to neutralize threats before they compromise base safety.

Automated Security

Sync your lights and cameras to your preferred schedule. Make changes to your settings remotely, anytime.

No Downtime

Attaches to any standard Reese Hitch and can be deployed in minutes by just 1 person and taken down just as fast. Plus, our security software is easy to use, so there's no learning curve.

Cost Effective

Solar power means no engines, no generators, and less gear. Plus, little to need for additional security personal.

Security Wherever It's Needed

Mobility is our advantage and your gain. Our products efficiently establish security in ports, dockyards, and remote bases.

ConstructionCAM Reese hitch Mini Light Tower

Light Towers

Equip Any Truck to Enhance Security & Safety

Our Reese Hitch Light Towers can upgrade any work vehicle to become a more beneficial mainstay of your fleet.

Ultimate Safety Lights

Powerful Lights

Our LEDs can give you near daylight levels of visibility to operate with clarity and safety.

Fast Deployment

Our Reese Hitch light towers are designed to be taken anywhere, set up by just 1 person, and ready to go in seconds.

Use Anywhere

Being electric, our light towers can be powered by most portable generators, outlets, or by a compatible vehicle.


Made to Use Anywhere

Solutions built specifically for your industry

Our products provide security, and safety to a variety of industries and end markets. The portability and versatility of our platform make setup simple regardless of location or venue.

ConstructionCAM Construction Industry Security Solutions


Work longer hours, monitor progress, and prevent theft on your job site.

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ConstructionCAM Emergency Response Security Solutions


Quickly set up powerful lighting and surveillance that doesn't get in the way your duty.

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ConstructionCAM Oil and Natural Gas Industry Security Solutions

Oil / Gas

Safely conduct onsite maintenance and construction with unparalleled flexibility.

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ConstructionCAM Military Security Solutions


Secure, monitor, and light military installations with speed, and mobility.

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ConstructionCAM Municipal Worker Security Solutions


Provide security and longer hours for your local festivals and events.

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ConstructionCAM Entertainment Industry Security Solutions


Light up your next concert, convention, or social gathering quickly and inexpensively.

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