Available Grants

The InterAgency Board

Lighting, Portable Area Illumination

Portable area illumination for work areas, rescue sites, and staging areas during night operations or in areas with insufficient ambient light.

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Science and Technology Grant Resources

Offered by FEMA and other government agencies, our Grants Resources page lists resources where First Responders can obtain grants for a range of needs, including firefighter grants, emergency medical service grants, and pre-disaster mitigation grants. For a more comprehensive list of federal grants, searchable by keyword or other criteria, visit Grants.gov. On Grants.gov, the first responder community can also learn about the federal grants lifecycle and grants management policies.

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Homeland Security

First Responder Capability

The Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T’s) First Responder Capability program provides technical assistance and develops innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges faced by first responders, emergency managers, and incident commanders as they respond to hazardous situations. The program strengthens the abilities of our communities to protect the homeland and respond to disasters.

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